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Plastic fantastic!

This colourful effect is known as cross polarisation and the good news is, it’s incredibly easy to do. In the days of film, this technique would have regularly required sheets of polarising film placed behind the subject and a polarising filter on the camera. Now, all you need […]

This is my favourite version - the sun had come out so the shutter speed increased to 1/4sec, but I still got some decent movement

Camera shake is great!

Fujifilm spend a lot of money developing systems to help reduce the chance of camera shake from spoiling our shots. Very effective they are, too. But sometimes, moving the camera during the exposure can be beneficial to your shots. The most obvious example is panning, where you track […]

Maple leaves (1). 1/75sec at f/2.8. ISO 200

In praise of the XF60mm

It’s that time of the year; huge spiders in the bath, a distinct chill in the air, a phone call to the central heating engineer when you realise your boiler doesn’t work and more macro subjects than you can shake a stick at. That’s right, it’s autumn and […]

60mm lens, 1/80sec at f/2.4, ISO 200

Saying ‘I do’ to the X-E2

I start to get nervous about two weeks before I shoot a wedding. It’s around this time that I start taking an unhealthy interest in the weather forecast, start worrying about whether I’m going to get enough time to shoot everything and start limiting the use of my […]

Gladiators, not ready. XF10-24mm, 1/60sec at f/11. ISO 200

Nice one, centurion

By Roger Payne Is it just me, or have other people experienced a weird phenomenon when they start using Fujifilm X-series cameras? I’m not talking about aesthetics here, I’m talking more fundamental, cerebral kinda stuff. Lately, thanks to the nice people at Fujifilm UK, I’ve been able to […]

X100S: Holiday pictures to make you smile! ISO 320, 1/10sec at f/4

Holidaying with an X100S

When I was lad, the family holiday was one of only two annual outings for dad’s camera. No prizes for guessing the other. It was packed in its ever ready case, along with a 36 exposure roll of Kodachrome ready for two weeks on the British coast; typically […]


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