Weather resistance in windy Wales

A friend and I decided to go camping in Wales, which perfectly coincided with the passing of the ex-hurricane Bertha! To many this is a bizarre time to choose to go camping, but from a landscape photography perspective, angry weather equals exciting weather. At the moment I am trying […]

Explaining apertures with puppies

Despite photographing lots of dogs prior to this I naively thought that I’d be able to line up eleven calm and collected Labrador puppies to demonstrate the effect of different apertures on a photograph. Do these look calm and collected to you? Despite the challenging subjects I hope […]

Ben Cherry – Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Ben Cherry and I am a guest blogger for Fujifilm. My primary interests are wildlife and travel photography but I’ve previously covered events from motorsport and snowboarding films to fashion shoots and weddings. I have been a Fujifilm X-Series user for a year now, […]

Big names lined up for Photokina 2014

Photokina, the world’s biggest imaging exhibition, is going to feature some of photography’s biggest names thanks to Fujifilm. The show takes place in Cologne from Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21st September 2014 and we’ve lined up 23 Fujifilm X-Photographers from across the globe to talk or demo on […]