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It’s that time again. A new Fujifilm X Magazine issue is ready to your reading and viewing pleasure.

Interview with Eric Bouvet

This issue features an interview with the amazing award-winning reportage photographer Eric Bouvet who travels the world with his X-Pro1 and X-T1. Learn about what inspired Eric to take up photography and what pressure really feels like when he is standing in the firing line (literally) and trying to capture the events so people like you and I can see first hand what is going on across the world.

Take a walk around Yellowstone National Park 

This issue’s “X Marks The Spot” features some amazing infra-red photography by Simon Weir using a modified X-E1 plus Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

Be inspired

And the usual features; “What to Shoot Now” provides you with inspiration on what subjects to shoot during the summer months, “Get more from your X series” takes a look at the wireless connectivity function featured on many Fujifilm X cameras and the “Exhibition” shows a fantastic array of images, plus the sotires behind them, shot by our readers.

Competition time

Fujifilm X Magazine competition. Win an XF10-24mm lens!
Fujifilm X Magazine competition. Win an XF10-24mm lens!

And finally, you could win a fantastic XF10-24mm lens in our competition. For a chance to win, send us your best wide-angle image. More details in the magazine itself!


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Guest post: Infrared photography in Yellowstone National Park

By Simon Weir


I started 2014 leading a workshop in Yellowstone National Park for Chris Weston‘s safari company “Magic Is” – I am now working regularly with them as a group leader and instructor.

Yellowstone in winter turned out to be an IR photographers paradise and my IR modified X-E1 with the 14mm did great service as the images below show. This camera blows me away every time I use it and there was a great deal of interest from the 12 photographers in the group – so much so that I ended up doing a full presentation on Infrared photography one evening while we were there.  My X-Pro1 and the XF55-200 also did good service as shown in the two bison shots at the bottom of this post.

Also pleased to report that both Fuji cameras worked faultlessly down to temperatures as low as -30C – even the batteries held out really well.

Here’s a selection of shots from the IR modified X-E1 using the XF14mm lens:


The following 2 shots were taken on the standard X-Pro1 and converted to B&W in Silver Effex Pro2:

Taken on the standard X-Pro1 and converted to B&W in Silver Effex Pro2

Taken on the standard X-Pro1 and converted to B&W in Silver Effex Pro2

About Simon

Simon Weir specialises in photographing live performance (particularly classical music), contextual portraiture and nature. To see more of his work, check out his website http://www.simonweir.com/